Individual Counselling

People seek individual counselling when they begin to experience personal issues that impact their sense of self and enjoyment of life.

Robin’s passion for learning and striving for excellence as a therapist is evident in the fact that she has taken and continues to take ongoing training and supervision since finishing her Masters degree in 2008.  Recently she has completed five years of training in Somatic Experiencing Therapy. This therapy is now being recognized by the medical profession world wide for it successful use in:

  1. Anxiety Therapy
  2. Depression Therapy
  3. Anger Therapy
  4. Grief Therapy
  5. Trauma Therapy


If you are experiencing emotional and/or relational issues as listed above, Robin at A Path of Heart Counselling Services can help you. Using Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Robin can help you understand what is happening in your body and gain control over your emotions and destructive behaviours.

Somatic Experiencing Therapy has been proven to help people learn self-regulation skills and to improve their overall quality of life and relationships. Some of the benefits include:

• Reduced feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and/or panic attacks.

• Development of skills to shift out of states of depression, heaviness and low energy.

• Gain control of anger and angry outbursts and release and release and let go of pent up anger or rage from the past.

• Improved ability to control emotional and psychological states.

• Enhanced inner resources and resilience.

• Decreased PTSD symptoms.

• Learn how to take care of yourself better, and to have better coping skills and self regulation skills.

• Increased self esteem and reduction in social anxiety.

• Advanced ability to handle stress and/or difficult experiences.

• Feel more relaxed, content, grounded and safe.

• Enjoy living in the moment more, and feel more joy.

• Benefits in relationships- develop better boundaries; learn how to speak up and to stand up for you by saying what you need and what you will not tolerate.

Therapy starts by building safety and assessing what issues you struggle with and then Robin works with you to develop goals for therapy.

After safety is built, Robin will then help you to develop your own inner resources and to develop and expand within yourself the person that you want to become.

You will quickly learn how to shift and release yourself from the stuck, heavy, low energy depressive states and to also learn self regulation skills to settle yourself from high states of stress, anxiety, anger or overwhelm.

After building more capacity and developing a lot of tools for self-regulation you can then choose to continue a deeper therapy to access and to process past trauma in a slow and safe way.

Main Outcomes: To take a deeper look at the current problems and issues that you struggle with and to reduce the amount of anxiety, depression,  anger, or overwhelm you experience. Also, to access, process, and release the past trauma that is still wreaking havoc on your life today