Therapy for Depression

  • Do you feel hopeless, sad and empty with no end in sight?
  • Do you cry a lot?
  • Have you lost interest in the things you use to love?
  • Do you feel nothing at all?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating?
  • Has your appetite changed?
  • Have you lost or gained weight?
  • Are you engaging in self-destructive behavior like self harm or substance abuse?
  • Are you experiencing overall body aches and fatigue?

All of these symptoms can indicate that you’re suffering from depression. And it’s okay, you aren’t alone and there is hope.


Somatic Experience Therapy for Depression


Life is challenging. There’s no doubt about that and our bodies know how to mobilize a large amount of energy to meet those challenges when necessary (this is seen with the fight-flight-freeze response). But, if this impulse to protect ourselves during these challenges is mismanaged, we end up harboring a lot of this energy in our nervous system. Ultimately, this energy needs to be released so we can begin to heal.

Robin works slowly during all stages of treatment to help you feel safe and successful during treatment. In the first stage, Robin helps you gain more awareness of what is happening in your body and how you might be getting stuck. Once these states are identified, she will help you connect your own internal resources for self-regulation to help you regain control over your body and mind. It won’t take long for you to learn how to identify and move out of shutdown physiological states so you can feel more clear minded, happy, and have more energy in your body.

For those clients that want to dig deeper and resolve the underlying issue, there is a second stage of treatment. In this phase we work towards processing the trapped fight or flight energy in the nervous system. This delicate process will always be done in a safe, slow and titrated way.

With Robin’s guidance you will move towards and release the underlying emotions and fight or flight energy. This deeper work will effectively restore your nervous system and body to a healthy state of equilibrium. Finally, you can be free of your depression, your anxiety and the negative energy that has kept you from living a truly fulfilling life.




The number one benefit to Somatic Experience (SE) Therapy is that it helps you to build the capacity to self-regulate, as well as, to process and release suppressed emotions related to current and past life events. It will also help you:

  • Identify how the depression is manifesting in your body in terms of sensation learning how to connect to your own inner resources for moving out of depressive states
  • Gain more capacity to deal with feelings and life’s difficulties
  • Increased tolerance, patience, flexibility and ability to deal with and resolve conflicts in relationships.
  • Increased energy and positive thinking
  • Improve sleep, digestion and concentration
  • Ease physical and emotional discomforts associated with the current or past events

Release the weight and stickiness of depression and get back in touch with your vitality and true self – schedule a consultation