I have been in counselling sessions for approximately the past one year as therapy for my depression, anxiety & stress management.  The reason that I seeked out counselling was following advice from my family doctor who suggested that counselling may help with developing strategies to cope with my depression.  I had reached a period in which I was beginning to feel that there was no way to escape my depression and I was having periods of suicidal thoughts.

During my counselling sessions, I was able to discuss support networks & strategies to allow myself to release my emotions.  I am very thankful for the help that Robin gave me as I am now able to enjoy a higher quality of life & I am feeling stronger emotionally as well as, mentally.  I feel that I have now reached a point in my life in which I have the tools to manage my depression effectively.

If you are considering counselling therapies for depression, anxiety or another mental health condition then I would suggest that you consider meeting with Robin.  I had tried several medications including, anti-depressants which had little to no effect.  However, my results from counselling has given me long term tools to manage my daily stressors and to have support networks in place to effectively manage my depression.

Thank you Robin for caring about me and teaching me about how to manage my depression & anxiety!
~ A.P. Kelowna*


It is an unfortunate fact that many of our lives are touched by traumatic events. Theses traumas can come in the form of child abuse, domestic violence, rape, violent crime, community violence, natural disasters, war, terrorism, or the death of loved ones under traumatic circumstances. It is in the aftermath of such experiences that most of us live, struggling to cope with the pressures of every day life on top of the horrors we have seen and felt.

I know how heavy that burden can seem. To me, it seemed unbearable. I suffered from serious clinical depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Medication helped to a some degree, but not enough. My doctor recommended emotional therapy to address the underlying emotional injuries that were not healing.  I am so happy that I turned to Robin Morgan at that time. Gentle, compassionate and professional, she provides a safe place to share experiences and process the powerful emotions that arise. Her trauma counselling is giving me the strength and emotional capacity to live life fully, focused on my present with hope for the future.

Robin is an AMAZING counsellor with a true gift! She is able to see situations objectively but with heart!   Not a lot of people have this skill/nature.  We are very grateful to have found her.
~ RB, Kelowna BC*


My husband and I were at a point in life where we were feeling disconnected from each other and questioning if our marriage was over.  We were having the same fight over and over again.  Robin helped us understand our “fighting pattern” and turn things around.  We now feel reconnected by listening to each other and understanding our own feelings, which have changed the way we react to each other.
~ Thank you, T&P*


Robin has helped guide us on our journey to better communication and how to express our feelings towards each other. From our first visit Robin showed compassion and genuine caring towards us. We are more loving and understanding towards each other because of her and have come to rely on her advice and knowledge. We have learned the right way to validate each others feelings. We are so grateful to have met Robin and look forward to a brighter happier future as a healthy couple!!
~ Jessica and Ryan from Kelowna BC*


We felt very welcomed and safe during our sessions with Robin. She is very friendly, kind and extremely knowledgeable and was able to relate to each of us in our different communication styles.

We had numerous sessions and by the end we felt stronger as a couple, had a better understanding of who each of us are and were ultimately able to explore ourselves as individuals and as a couple to help us reach a solution to our issues and stay together.
~ M & M*


Robin is an amazing counsellor. My hope is we can come back to her someday. She helped me learn alot about myself and what it will take to have a loving relationship. I am reading the book and learning new insight for the future.
~ KJ Kelowna BC*


We appreciated Robin’s gentle nature, wisdom and her encouragement that we received the several times we met. I learned a lot about myself and my partner.
~ BJ Kelowna BC*


Robin helped me open up and talk about my core issues for the first time. I finally touched on my deep feelings and now I know what I need to do. She taught me what I needed to know: that it is ok to cry that I am still a man, and that I am a lovable, likable person.
~ L.M.*


Robin’s ability to change people’s lives is great, she has definitely changed mine. She made it easy to express my emotions. She has compassion, intelligence, insight, humour, persistence, determination, love, feelings, and beauty. I truly believe she was my guardian angel because she changed my life so profoundly. She taught me to see clearly, think clearly, act clearly, and to be more tender, loving, and emotional. She is truly one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. I feel very connected with her. My family, my son and I are very thankful for how she has helped me.
~ K.K.*


Robin helped to plant the seeds to my soul. Her nurturing, loving, caring touch has allowed me to blossom. I am so grateful that she foster growth. I have seen and more importantly feel a healing aura around her. Her passion shines in her eyes and in her heart but love for her work radiates from her to me. I am so grateful for the gifts she gives.
~ A.N.*


I was scared when I first started therapy with Robin but she quickly put my mind at ease with her caring words and kind demeanour. Robin has an amazing gift and I am grateful she has shared it with me and helped me on my journey to a better life. I hope one day I can do the same for someone else.
~ J.H.*


I really enjoyed my time with Robin. She is an awesome person; she is very caring, loving, understandable, strong, compassionate woman with a lot of focus goals and drive but yet can see the lighter side and have fun.
~ D.B.*


Robin is intelligent, kind, open hearted, engaging, compassionate, beautiful, lively, centered, comfortable, happy, tranquil, caring, honest, fair, nurturing and a pleasure to be around. I am so grateful for the passion and compassion she brings each session. She is one of a kind, and has a beautiful soul.
~ D.F.*


Robin brings heart, compassion and integrity to her work and also to her role as a counsellor.  Robin is a wonderful person; one who has a warm, caring and loving nature.  She stands with integrity, serves with understanding, compassion and heart.  It has been a rich and rewarding experience working with Robin and having the opportunity to work together with her has impacted my life in a profound and meaningful way.  Robin is nurturing, supportive, warm hearted, kind, loving and non-judgmental.  Robin is passionate about her work and is an amazing teacher to learn from.  Robin holds many treasures of insight within her and her wealth of knowledge is insurmountable   I highly recommend Robin as a counsellor.   Working with Robin is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  If you are contemplating the journey and are looking for a client-centered counselor, one who has your best interests at heart Robin is the counsellor for you.  If credentials are a concern Robin has her Masters level credentials combined with many years of counselling experience.  I would highly recommend Robin as a counselor for anyone looking for healing.
~ Debbie Welsh, MSW RSW*


Robin’s wisdom, kindness, empathy, happiness, balance, and young true spirit, shines through her personality.
~ J.S.*


“Robin focused on me as an individual and made me feel at ease from the beginning. Her compassionate astuteness and patience really guided me into self-discovery and powerful realizations. We truly delved into the work of getting to the core issues at play within me and I am so very grateful to her for helping me open my eyes and my heart to myself”
~ Kas-*


Having come into meet with Robin was one of the best things I did not only for myself but for those around me! Before meeting up with her for 5 years leading up to it I was a heavy drinker drinking up to a mickey and a 26er to myself daily. I’d drink 7 days a week 24 hours a day even when working! (near the end of my drinking days). The last job I had while drinking my boss put up with the smell for about 2 weeks before saying something to my head boss. Although my boss stood by me I was forced to take 3 months off to get better, recover and prove myself all over again. For three wonderful months I met with Robin and week by week it just got better! I was already happy with myself for going in at the start but by the end of those months I was happy to be living and enjoying life! The smile on my face was actually meant whereas before all my smiles were fake! Deep down I was depressed and withdrawn! BUT I’m thankful to say that coming up on February 15th of 2011 I will be THREE years sober and 4.5 months clean! I’m smiling loving life and those around me SO MUCH MORE! MY family and I have gotten closer and my friendships have all but blossomed back to life! Thank you for everything Robin I owe you for everything you helped me with! To everyone else if you have an addiction problem admit it and take the first steps in getting help! I wouldn’t be here today had i not got help or been pushed by close friends! Since my drinking days I realized i had a drug and gambling addictions and have overcome those as well! Want to be happy, find your happiness and go for it! YOU’LL NEVER REGRET IT!
~ ‘Cheers Peace and Love from Daniel R. La Hue.*


The sessions I had with Robin enabled some real epiphanies and awakenings. I appreciated her wisdom, gentle encouragement and reassuring support.
~ K.R.*


(As a counsellor, Robin was very willing to hear and understand my feelings. Her input, knowledge and suggestions have really helped me to grow. She made the inner child in me come alive through growth. She is a beautiful person with so much to offer. I could not have had a more compassionate counsellor. The peace and serenity she shows is inspirational. I have learned to be patient with myself as she was with me. She has encouraged me to let my feelings flow like a gentle stream cascading down a mountain. I will miss her wisdom. She is kind hearted, and will be forever in my heart.
~ J.K.*

Robin is sincere, and caring with very sensitive eyes. She has a deep and old soul, and I think she has chosen a career path that compliments the deep emotional wisdom that comes along with such a spirit. She has cared for and nurtured my wounded heart and for that I thank her deeply and sincerely.

Robin helped me open up and talk about my core issues for the first time. I finally touched on my deep feelings and now I know what I need to do. She taught me what I needed to know: that it is ok to cry that I am still a man, and that I am a lovable, likable person.

Robin is kind, caring, compassionate, and understanding. She made me feel comfortable, and at home in therapy. I feel different inside since I started therapy. I feel lighter and I feel that I am actually very happy with who I am.
~ B.R.*

Robin is dedicated to wellness and has a lot of sympathy for other people’s pain. She really opened some doors for me that have been sealed and shut with anger for a very long time. She cares for other people no matter what happened in their past. She will help you open the doors for your future. J.L.*

Robin made me look inside of myself. She gave me some insight into my core beliefs; she is kind, good natured, empathetic and a good listener. I will miss her laugh.
~ Eldwin*

Robin is amazing; her insight is always right on the money. Just knowing her has brought me into a better place. Her passion and dedication to her work is second to none. She makes it possible for people to grow once again. She is truly a beautiful person.

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Hold Me Tight Workshops

After 25 years we had drifted apart- This has brought us closer and given us the tools to communicate effectively and move forward. We highly recommend it. Thank you.
G&M Kelowna*

If anyone is looking to rekindle their relationship, get more honest and close with their partner this is the seminar for you.
T.K. Kelowna BC*


I highly recommend this process, have learned so much about getting to a deeper place instead of the surface of anger and frustration. I feel I will be able to remain connected and have a long lasting loving relationship with my partner!!
~ Anonymous Kelowna BC*


This workshop gave me new insight into myself, my husband and our relationship. Hold Me Tight has offered us hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. We will use this information to improve our relationship, not only as a couple but with our friends and children.
~ Krista L. Edmonton, AB*


I was skeptical upon arriving but I feel that the workshop provided useful tools to improve communication and the relationship.
~ Anonymous Kelowna BC*


Everyone who is in a relationship should take this course with their partner. Everyone with a failed relationship in their past or a first or next relationship in their future should read the book. Emotion Focused Therapy is effective and enlightening, you learn about your partner and you learn about yourself. It will change the way that you look at the life you are living and teach you to create the life you want together.
~ Anonymous Kelowna BC*


Excellent program, we highly recommend this weekend as a positive investment in your relationship.
~ R+L*


This workshop is very beneficial when starting a life together. It is basic education to help secure years of happiness, challenges and solutions. We will slow it down and take the time to see one another. I am sure that in a few years we will return for a tune up.
~ Anonymous*


As a husband of 17 years it gives me great hope that I will be married for another 17. Robin and Sol will make you dig deep but be there every step of the way. Hold Me Tight is not a book it’s the bible on living in a loving rewarding life in a relationship.
~ Paul C Edmonton, AB*


We learned the “conversations” that help us communicate our needs to each other, how to recognize and improve the dialogues and patterns (and raw spots) we fall into that inhibit our closeness, how to reconnect after a bump in the road, and to heal past injuries that over time can close your heart off to each other. Beyond traditional couple therapy. Very satisfying results.

~ Jim and Marie-Jeanne*


At first I was very apprehensive about going. Not because it wouldn’t help but because I was afraid it would be all my fault. I found it reassuring that all of the couples in our group were from various stages in their own relationships, but we all had the same or very close to the same issues.

We have all been injured in our relationships and are struggling in our own ways to get past or forget about the problem rather than accept there is a problem and work through it.
I was very surprised at how far back these problems go. Also surprised at why we are the way we are. I have never taken a look back at my childhood to see why I am the way I am or why I respond to situations due to my upbringing.
I would say that the biggest thing for me which will help us is the dance or “Merry-Go-Round” as we decided to call it (learning about our negative communication pattern). I am now completely aware of when it is starting or just started and that it’s really up to me whether I want to go down the road at getting upset and running away or whether to say, “we are on our way around in circles” and stopping it. Now that we both know what is happening, when Aline or myself say we are doing it we know it is done by fear or a feeling of not necessarily the issue at hand that causes us to dance and we can take a step back and seem to come together quicker. I am not sure it will ever be instant but it will definitely be easier now that we have some tools. Taking smaller bites out of sensitive situations also has been a big help. Oh ya and trying not to blame by saying how it makes us feel rather than the blame game.
~ Larry and Aline*

*results may vary


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