To promote deep healing through the development of close, healthy relationships between individuals.


  1. Integrity and Honesty - is about living life in congruence with who you truly are and being open, authentic, and transparent. Robin Morgan and Sol Menard show integrity by practicing what we preach and undergoing continuous personal growth individually and in our relationship.
  2. Capability – As counsellors they pride themselves on undergoing extensive education and advanced training in research proven best practices to develop a high level of expertise as Marriage and Couples Counsellors.
  3. Genuine Positive Regard - They both believe that all people are inherently good and possess the ability for growth and change.
  4. Connection – They both put high value on connection with the underlying belief that no man or woman is an island and healing happens only through relationship. They believe that an intimate relationship is a vehicle for healing and transformation.
  5. Compassion - It is only until you can truly see the pain of your past that you can develop compassion, understanding and forgiveness for yourself.  Robin Morgan and Sol Menard have deep compassion and empathy for the pain their clients have endured in the past and are currently enduring within their relationship. They believe that the struggle is an opportunity for positive change to occur.
  6. Altruism - As counsellors they put a high value on helping under privileged people by offering reduced rates on informative community workshops.
  7. Confidentiality – Robin Morgan and Sol Menard put a high value on respecting their client’s privacy and maintaining their confidentiality.

Robin Morgan and Sol Menard are committed to continually evolving as people, and as professionals. This process of continual analysis and improvement includes:

Robin and Sol are 100% committed and focused on our vision of healing the world through relationship.

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